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Online Marketing Allowing Businesses on the World Wide Web to Thrive

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It is no secret that nearly everything that is found on the World Wide Web is some sort of business. Every website has the potential to create revenue, which can therefore classify it as a business, regardless of what the content of the site is or what the objective of the site is. Even social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are all businesses because their popularity and ability to host ads that will gain a lot of attention and subsequent clicks make them able to generate revenue. Some people may not realize that even websites that provide a useful tool search as a search engine are businesses as well. Google, for one, is an incredibly successful business thanks to its ability to host ads and lead visitors to other profitable sites. The success of any online business or website is usually dete

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Increase Search Engine Rankings with SEO

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Search engine rankings are an important thing for modern businesses to pay attention to. Inbound leads, like those generated with search engine optimization cost two thirds less than outbound leads, like cold calling. Increasing search engine rankings can increase business and save money in the marketing budget. There are many factors that affect search engine rankings and many tools that internet marketing professionals can use to increase those results.

Google, Americas top used search engine, originated in a California garage. The Google Doodle, the popular and often interactive design posted on the Google home page originated in 1998. The first doodle was of the Burning Man, and served as an out of office notification while co founders Brin and Page were attending the festival in the Black Rock Nevada desert.

One factor that can affect search engine rankings is blogs. Companies that offer blogs in conjunction with their main sites have 434 percent more indexed pages than websites that do not offer blogs. This higher level of indexing can result in more leads for the company. In fact, 57 percent of business to business marketers say that SEO has the largest influence on lead generation.

Having a high search engine ranking is crucial both because internet users do not often look beyond top search engine results, but also because organic click through leads to higher conversion rates. Organic search results are those that are not paid for. Organic click through results in a 25 percent higher conversion rate than Pay Per Click.

Companies that are looking to learn more about increasing search engine rankings should read Seo news and blogs. There are many high quality articles about SEO and how it works. These sites can offer tips and tricks that companies can enact themselves or give them ideas on when to contract with SEO professionals for their search engine needs.