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Ranking, Not Just for Football Anymore

Online marketing

More than 100 billion searches are conducted each month online world wide and about 75 percent of search engine users never click through to the second screen of search results. That means that Google rankings mean the difference between your link being seen or not. By putting some focus on search engine optimization, or SEO, your search engine rankings for your company will gradually become more and more visible by ranking higher in the Google search results.

More than 58 percent of consumers begin researching for a product online before they buy it. Only 24 percent of users research products directly on company websites, and 18 percent use a social media platform. So a successful business will do everything in their power to make certain their company shows up in Google search results as well as on social networks. Internet marketing is the biggest thing to happen to advertising since the billboard. And it is the wave of the future.

Almost 90 percent of internet users in the United States over the age of 14 browsed or researched products online in the year 2012. About 40 percent of them followed up on social media, asking for information before purchasing. And more than half of mobile internet users, 65 percent, use their smartphone or tablet to research and locate local businesses to make purchases. What does that all mean? That means you do not just need to worry about your website showing up on the first page of Google results. It also means your website needs to be optimized to show up properly on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Because if they click your link in the Google results and they have trouble reading your page, then the consumers will move right on to the next page. And that other company will get your business.

Serve As A Local SEO Reseller To Do This For Your Clients

Imagine for a moment that one of your clients operates a dental practice. That dental practice has a very specific geographic target audience, right? If your client operates that practice in a large metropolitan city, for marketing purposes you could have an interest in both the city in which that practice is located and other nearby cities where people may live. They may even drive into another city to visit that dentist if they truly like what he does. If the target area is much smaller, then the geographic targets can be smaller too. It all is simplified for you when you become a local SEO reseller.

As a local SEO reseller, your role is to give your clients tools that they can effectively utilize to target only the specific geographic areas that matter to them. That dentist has no concern about showing up on a search engine ranking for generic dentists, but he does care about appearing on a ranking of dentists in the city where he operates. To get him there, be a local SEO reseller. He will thank you time and time again for positioning him at the top or very close to the top of any ranking that has relevance to dentistry and the city in which he operates.

To get started, check out the myriad local SEO reseller plans that exist. You should find at least a few solid programs operated by white label local SEO companies, though understand that these companies do not ever need to be located where you are or where your clients are. As a local SEO reseller, you do not even need to be where your clients are. All you both have to know is that local SEO tools will be specifically targeted to your dental client, not to where you are or where the white label provider is.

Eventually, you will want to pick a local SEO reseller program that hits all the right targets and that has examples of past successes. This program ideally will be transparent as well, showing who is in charge of what and who is accountable for what. The program additionally should be quite affordable for you and should easily be integrated into your normal daily activities. Many white label companies are happy to offer their assistance to help make the transition easier, though most good programs make it so this is not necessary at all.

Three Ways You Benefit From Being A Local SEO Reseller

Has your marketing profile dwindled somewhat with local consumers and retailers? If that is the case, strongly consider serving your community as a provider of local SEO services. Local SEO services simply mean your SEO services are directly concerned with increasing your clients’ profile in the local marketplace. If a large majority of your customers have local customer bases, meaning they sell mostly to clients who live near where they operate, try offering these localized services through a white label company. You gain all the glory with hardly any of the additional work, and you benefit in more ways than this one.

For one, a local SEO reseller gets to more closely connect companies with localized presences with the consumers they are attempting so desperately to reach. If your customers are asking about how their sites could be optimized and how they could bring more attention to their webpages both by consumers and by search engines, seek out local SEO reseller plans. These plans provide you with the necessary tools and the framework to get these audiences to notice your clients more easily. Any search engine user will easily connect with your customers when these specialized services are in play.

For another, a local SEO provider has the benefit of charging whatever fees that reseller deems appropriate. If your funds are smaller than you had anticipated in terms of bringing in profits, look into white label local SEO programs to boost revenues and your own local profile too. You pay very little for what you get from a provider, and through reselling the power is yours to change the amounts you charge based on customers or their needs. You set the costs and you change them whenever necessary, giving you full control over deliverables too.

Additionally, a local SEO provider has a stronger local profile. Chances are strong that not too many resellers have entered your local market space, so be among the first to capitalize on a local SEO reseller program, which offers integral tools that your competitors no doubt will be clamoring for soon enough. Even if one of your local competitors does offer such a thing, you at least get a stronger competitive advantage to provide you with more ammo to use in competition with that other company. And you still get to come out ahead of most other companies in your area for offering such a powerful service.

SEO For All!

If you are looking for someone to provide you with a specific service that entails search engine optimization then you should look no further than your local SEO provider because often the local SEO reseller in your area can get you while Label Local SEO that is geared for your business and which specializes in your geographic area. There is no point in not using white label local SEO, especially since white label local SEO is far less expensive through local SEO reseller plans than it would be through a much larger agency. By knowing which Local SEO reseller program you are best suited for, you can make a better and more informed choice as what kind of white label local SEO is best for you.

White label Local SEO can often be a pricey solution but the fact that it is being targeted on the local level helps drive down the price and still achieves the goals of the local business advertiser. The small business owner that only pulls from a ten mile radius would be throwing his marketing dollars away if he were trying to pull from a larger area. This would make no sense, which is why it is best to keep it local, and use white label local SEO which is effective in getting the results desired. Many people often complicate a solution to the point where they do not even know where they started. The best marketing consultants think in simple terms, and they are able to achieve powerful results through effective marketing campaigns that are easy to understand for businesses of all sizes and budgets. If a business demonstrates itself to be a great fit for white label local SEO then the savvy business consultant will go ahead and present it, and will do it in a fashion that is easy to understand and not riddled with big words or terms that the ordinary person would have trouble understanding.