Online marketing

Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot of creativity that goes into SEO marketing. It is a good probability that some of this creativity came from Google itself. When the company was just a young research project, its founders built a storage compartment out of LEGOs for the 10 four gigabyte hard drives used to test the PageRank algorithm. You can actually think of SEO marketing as being built with a series of building blocks.

We pretty much know that Google is the top dog in the search engine market; however, did you know that it commands between 65 to 70 percent of that market share? Pretty good numbers, right? Now you can probably guess that those numbers have a direct correlation to why SEO marketing is so important to anyone trying to gain higher rankings.

SEO marketing is also statistically important to B2B marketers. Fifty seven percent of these marketers say that SEO and SEO marketing has the largest influence on their lead generation. Since that number is the majority of marketers, it is a good indicator that SEO marketing should be important to you and your website.

SEO marketing tools such as blogs are very important garnering a high rank on those search engines. This is due to the fact that companies who have blogs have a very high number of indexed pages in Google rankings. This, of course, will also gather more leads.

Another SEO marketing tool that should be implemented is to create a website that has be optimized for smart phones and other mobile devices. Sixty five percent of mobile device users say they rely on their devices, such as smart phones or tablets, to locate a local business in order to make a purchase. SEO marketing numbers say that nearly half, or 48 percent of those mobile device users say they look up product reviews, or seek out promotions, using those devices.

SEO marketing, as you can see, is a combination of many different efforts. If you want to see more leads through your website, you should definitely looking into finding a company that can assist you with SEO marketing.