Ranking, Not Just for Football Anymore

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More than 100 billion searches are conducted each month online world wide and about 75 percent of search engine users never click through to the second screen of search results. That means that Google rankings mean the difference between your link being seen or not. By putting some focus on search engine optimization, or SEO, your search engine rankings for your company will gradually become more and more visible by ranking higher in the Google search results.

More than 58 percent of consumers begin researching for a product online before they buy it. Only 24 percent of users research products directly on company websites, and 18 percent use a social media platform. So a successful business will do everything in their power to make certain their company shows up in Google search results as well as on social networks. Internet marketing is the biggest thing to happen to advertising since the billboard. And it is the wave of the future.

Almost 90 percent of internet users in the United States over the age of 14 browsed or researched products online in the year 2012. About 40 percent of them followed up on social media, asking for information before purchasing. And more than half of mobile internet users, 65 percent, use their smartphone or tablet to research and locate local businesses to make purchases. What does that all mean? That means you do not just need to worry about your website showing up on the first page of Google results. It also means your website needs to be optimized to show up properly on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Because if they click your link in the Google results and they have trouble reading your page, then the consumers will move right on to the next page. And that other company will get your business.

Increase Search Engine Rankings with SEO

Internet marketing

Search engine rankings are an important thing for modern businesses to pay attention to. Inbound leads, like those generated with search engine optimization cost two thirds less than outbound leads, like cold calling. Increasing search engine rankings can increase business and save money in the marketing budget. There are many factors that affect search engine rankings and many tools that internet marketing professionals can use to increase those results.

Google, Americas top used search engine, originated in a California garage. The Google Doodle, the popular and often interactive design posted on the Google home page originated in 1998. The first doodle was of the Burning Man, and served as an out of office notification while co founders Brin and Page were attending the festival in the Black Rock Nevada desert.

One factor that can affect search engine rankings is blogs. Companies that offer blogs in conjunction with their main sites have 434 percent more indexed pages than websites that do not offer blogs. This higher level of indexing can result in more leads for the company. In fact, 57 percent of business to business marketers say that SEO has the largest influence on lead generation.

Having a high search engine ranking is crucial both because internet users do not often look beyond top search engine results, but also because organic click through leads to higher conversion rates. Organic search results are those that are not paid for. Organic click through results in a 25 percent higher conversion rate than Pay Per Click.

Companies that are looking to learn more about increasing search engine rankings should read Seo news and blogs. There are many high quality articles about SEO and how it works. These sites can offer tips and tricks that companies can enact themselves or give them ideas on when to contract with SEO professionals for their search engine needs.

Staying Abreast of SEO News And Developments

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The web is an ever expanding global platform. With so much information being published and shared each and every day, it is important to your business to apply Seo tools to your web presence. Staying on top of SEO news and developments is an important aspect of the internet marketing of your business.

Over ninety percent of adult internet users report performing at least one search daily. With so many searched being preformed by millions of users, finding useful relevant content has never been more important. By staying current with Seo news, you can boost your search engine ranking and get more eyes on your site.

Some SEO news you may not have heard, companies that offer blogs have 434 percent more indexed pages, generating more leads. More than half of B2B marketers say that SEO has the largest influence on lead generation. Lead generation is essential to business success.

When undertaking a web project, it is also important to consider the platforms that your users will be accessing your site with. As of 2012 more than 70 million users utilized their mobile devices for shopping. Nearly half of all mobile device users report using their devices to research products or find promotions.

A good bit of SEO news, the multitude of tasks needed to increase your search rankings does not need to be undertaken alone. Many internet marketing companies offer SEO services. By seeking out the help of SEO professionals, the job will be done and you just have to watch your site analytics to see the results.

If you are interested in finding more SEO news there are many SEO blogs and sites on the web. They may be able to offer you quick tips on generating and optimizing your website. Social media networks can also help you find SEO professionals in your area.