Seo marketing

It is no secret that nearly everything that is found on the World Wide Web is some sort of business. Every website has the potential to create revenue, which can therefore classify it as a business, regardless of what the content of the site is or what the objective of the site is. Even social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are all businesses because their popularity and ability to host ads that will gain a lot of attention and subsequent clicks make them able to generate revenue. Some people may not realize that even websites that provide a useful tool search as a search engine are businesses as well. Google, for one, is an incredibly successful business thanks to its ability to host ads and lead visitors to other profitable sites. The success of any online business or website is usually determined greatly by online marketing and the strategies involved to attract visitors.

The success of a search engine company like Google is largely due to the habits of Internet users. Statistically, 58 percent of consumers will go straight to a search engine to research a product or service, while only 24 percent visit a company website and 18 percent inquire via some sort of social media platform. Just to paint a picture of how important the trends of Internet users are to the success of an online company, Google has now become a company so successful that they rent goats from a grazing company to mow the lawns of their headquarters.

Back before they had such success, Google was just a research project. Its founders developed a PageRank algorithm, which was named for Larry Page, the co founder of Google. The founders then created a storage compartment out of LEGO bricks to store the 10 4GB hard drives containing tests of the PageRank algorithm in.

Because of the obvious importance of search engine rankings on Google or any other search engines, businesses and websites must have online marketing strategies to be successful. One popular online marketing strategy in recent years has been search engine optimization. Companies and businesses may enlist the help of SEO marketing because inbound leads, like search engine optimization, are known to cost 61 percent less than outbound leads, which would be something like cold calling. Plus, the success rates of search engine optimization generally tend to show that it is a more effective form of online marketing.