It’s springtime, which means it is time to get your backyard set for the summer activities! You should plan your hard-core outdoor landscaping as soon as you are able. The use of hardscapes such as a patio or retaining walls are becoming increasingly popular, so why not include a classy stone element in your landscaping layout? The patio serves a purpose. But what is a retaining walls function? This video will give you an overview of the reasons and how to have a landscaping wall to reclaim.

Walls with retaining walls are typically constructed to enhance the look of the exterior hill. Retaining walls are also used to elevate flower beds, as well as to give a more elegant look to gardens. The retaining wall has three parts, the toe slab, the stem and heel slab. To keep the barrier fixed and stop the wall from moving the wall, it is built deep into the ground. Retention walls are used for the purpose of securing a feature in the landscape and provide a classic look to an outdoor space.