Learning how to sell seo

Over 60% of Internet users across the world research products online before buying them. 75% of those users will not click over past the first page. With over 100 billion searches done every month, someone being able to get their company on the first page of a search engine will make a huge difference to traffic, customers and ultimately profit. The company may receive traffic other ways but the first and foremost way to get new customers and build on the customer base is to have the company link as close to the top of the first page as possible. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in very useful.

Some of the best SEO reselling approaches are not complicated. Search engine optimization popularity is growing quickly which means that SEO resellers need to keep up with the rapidly advancing market visibility. As an integrated marketing approach there are many SEO resellers that offer what’s called a private label and a white label SEO reseller service to their clients. Let’s look a little closer at what these services entail.

What is the private label SEO reseller approach? Most private label approaches are known as organic strategies. They can be broken down into either local or global segments for a better understanding of the competitive results. One approach can be made by customizing solutions that are developed for the customers depending on their specific need. Making solutions unique for the customer in the form of keywords gives the company a unique identity brand in the online marketplace.

Pay per click advertising, where the advertiser gets paid each time some clicks on the ad and marketing by email, where ads are sent out through email, are other examples examples of private label approaches.

What is the white label approach? There are a few approaches that can be used to such as keyword rich domains strategies, co branded affiliate sites, site sharing and also agreements from other companies to generate business for your client.

Keyword rich strategies use an algorithm that affects search engine optimization performance. This approach attempts to capture that first page ranking that everyone is vying for.

Site sharing involves the help of other advertisers to produce higher rankings. The best SEO reselling approaches for this kind of marketing uses site sharing to associate one site with another. The potential here is to generate much more traffic that might otherwise not even know about the site.

Campaigning with third parties is a very common and popular approach. The idea here is to capitalize on similar brands in the same market place without having to spend a lot of money on additional branding. It is so popular because of how much money it saves while still advertising.

Being the best SEO reseller begins with having the best SEO reselling approaches. It may sound obvious but sometimes the best approaches are not the same across the board. Find out exactly what your customer wants and needs and then you will know which approach will be best. The pathway to big SEO reseller profits begins with listening to your customer.