Be sure that all the lights are working. Start the engine and check that the lights are functioning as they ought to. If you notice any strange or unusual behavior, you’re likely to have an problem with the wiring. After locating the problem then it’s time working on fixing it. It could mean splicing new wires, soldering connections, or replacing whole sections in the harness. However it is done make sure you take your time and be sure that the repairs are performed correctly. When the wiring is completed now, we can move onto the next stage of making repairs to the Mini Cooper.
Remove old bulbs

To restore an old Mini Cooper to its former splendor will require you to remove the bulbs that are old and inefficient. It is usually done to prepare the vehicle for new paint and new interior and exterior fixtures. Additionally, it helps make the engine room cleaner and to make the vehicle better suited for sales. This includes the taillights as well as the headlights. This will give Cooper its new and fresh style and help ensure that your lights are up to date specifications.

Open the vehicle’s hood to access the housings for the bulbs that were previously in use. There will be a small access panel that you can take off for access to the bulb. After you’ve accessed them, twist the bulbs counterclockwise and they will come right out. Repeat the process to the taillights, and you’ll have one step closer being able to enjoy a new Mini Cooper.

Trimming Trim

Another essential step of restoring a used Mini Cooper is removing its trim. This is necessary to access the vehicle’s body panels and prepare the vehicle for painting. This is time-consuming and difficult, but you will get the best results from this Mini Cooper.

There are various ways of removing trim and an ideal method will differ based on the kind of trim that you’re working with. Consult with an expert when you’re uncertain about the best method to take trim off.