It is possible that they will need to buy samples from other sources in the event that this is not possible. But wholesale stores supply enough items for smaller repairs (such as scratches, auto glass repair, or door dings) for a reasonable price, and are offering low-volume discounts for larger jobs.

Use of Colorimetric Gun

You’ve been wondering, how auto body shops match paint? If yes, then you must be aware that there are numerous alternatives to using the spectrumrophotometer for matching paint. To determine the quantity of color used, many professionals use a simple tool known as a colorimetric gun. These guns work by heating up the metals inside the barrel to cause them to melt.

Different inserts are available using chemicals that alter color after heating. They produce sprays that can match diverse shades. This includes metal and solid paints. They can be used for matching larger projects as well as for touch-ups. What are the functions of these inserts?

Colorimetric gun prices vary dependent on the size and the model. The prices of colored guns can vary among wholesale facilities and professionals. That means those buying larger amounts may discover their costs are lower than the ones who are just starting out. Color-coded inserts may be required separately by smaller shops.


What can auto body shops do to use paint that is similar to those mentioned? Manufacturers may make metallic paints with various additives. At times the only thing that’s required to do after the painting will be a simple car wash. This paint uses extremely fine metallic particles, typically aluminum. They reflect light the similar way that metallic paints do as well as emit the appearance of iridescence. These paints typically come pre-thinned, and ready to use using an spr