Iron-on-vinyl Cricuts are one of the best features of this craft. In this video, you will learn guidelines on how you can use your Cricut. In the video you will see that Mr. Mr. Crafty Pants used Cricut’s Everyday Iron On Vinyl and an electric heat press. The process can be used to apply the technique to any fabric which has temperature setting variations.
Choose the layout you’d like to apply to your towel. It is possible to use a particular program to design the towel. After that, the Cricut will cut out the design. After the cut is completed and weeded, you can clean itand make it in good shape to press onto the tea towel. It is important to note the temperature setting, pressing needs and timing prior to pressing the item with a heat press. It’s also important to know whether the material you’re using requires an icy or warm peel. Apply the decal to the garment exactly where you need it to be, prior to applying the necessary pressure. Once the heat has been removed, peel the plastic off and you’re accomplished. x8skb5r63h.