If your health may cause issues (such such as hypertension), then it may make sense to go along to get checked prior to filing an “I’m healthy’ insurance claim. It is likely to lower your insurance company’s cost of life insurance.

There are times when health insurance companies will rate premiums based on your personal medical history and the current state of your state of health. If you’ve never had any major illness in the last 5-10 years, that could make you ineligible for getting certain kinds of insurance. Insurance companies must prove that you were lying regarding the state of your health through regular blood tests. If they discover the act by surveillance, it will be difficult for companies to refuse someone because their health is better than expected.

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Insurance companies are seeing more and more people who claim to be financially privileged enough to pay for their homeowners insurance. A few believe that this “high Net Worth” person may be attempting to evade the insurance system. They’ll make one small claim to car insurance then raise it until an investigation begins. This could reveal large unknown claims.

Insurers have a new strategy when a high-income customer states that they can’t make an claim on the car then they’ll inquire about the type of vehicle they own. If it’s an expensive model like the Ferrari or Maserati then the insurance company will further investigate. There’s no current rules that can be used in determining the worth of someone’s assets, apart from looking through the credit file of their clients. Some insurers assess the wealth of their clients by asking about the kind of car they drive in order to assess their worth. If it is an expensive model, the insurer will investigate further as a precaution not to be liable for high expenses in the scenario of filing a claim on insurance coverage for cars.

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