During warmer months outdoors, the outdoor spaces are ideal for breakfast sitting. So, guests are able to enjoy the fresh air as well as the sun rising while they enjoy their main food. 4. Think about Recreation While building your BnB, the BnB builder should be aware of the opportunities for recreation on offer around your property. As an example, if have a body of water that is on your property including a boat deck construction materials and constructing a dock and boat launch can be a great opportunity to get people interested in spending time on the water. It is possible to offer fishing for guests for fish if the area is stocked with. You might also consider creating the possibility of a trail that guests can take a walk in the woods should you have the most extensive space of forest within your property. The trails are ideal to observe birds and take nature walks in the autumn when leaves change. Offering an activity during the day for guests are more likely to enjoy the time they spend at your BnB, and this can lead them to be more likely to come back if they enjoy their stay. 5. Never forget about safety When you plan your BnB you must take safety into consideration. That means keeping working alarms for fires in all areas and making fire escape plans available on rooms, hallways and public areas to ensure each guest is aware of what to do in case something happens. Alongside being safe from fire, you should be able to provide each room with a lockbock to ensure that guests are able to store their belongings with no worries about anything happening to their belongings. Even though this could be unlikely but it could put people at ease and they’ll be happy to have the choice. Along with this, property security is something is something you must account for. Security devices should be put in place both inside and outside. ux7mpfverc.