Three Ways In Which Local SEO Resellers Have An Edge

Selling search engine optimization, or SEO, services gives anyone an advantage. But with respect to locally based companies, local SEO resellers have it made. They benefit in three major ways over their respective competitions, whether they are involved in IT, marketing, or web design.

One, a local SEO reseller is at an advantage because this local provider already is invested in its community and now has a new tool to dangle in front of current clients and prospective ones too. A company reselling local SEO services like maps and other various programs that exist alongside other useful programs that could involve marketing or perhaps website design or even information technology consulting looks much more attractive to outside clients, simply for the three letters that SEO signifies.

Two, a reseller of local SEO services gains an advantage because of the additional revenue that can most likely come in due to simply offering the service. All local SEO reseller plans of course require that providers get paid for their services, but this usually is a flat rate or a percentage of the business that comes in for any particular reseller. Any money that comes in on top of whatever the reseller owes goes into the reseller’s pockets, and the best part here is that the reseller gets to come up with the costs to charge customers for this service. The provider can recommend costs, but often resellers who are new to the game go online and see what the going rate is for their particular areas.

Three, an enterprise joining a local SEO reseller program with a white label local SEO provider has the enviable task of offering a truly remarkable service in which it knows practically nothing about. Not many opportunities exist to sell or resell something that has a lot of value to it but that is hard to implement except by trained IT and SEO professionals, but in the case of local SEO programs that gets to happen every day. It makes most resellers happy too, because in a lot of instances these SEO services are selling themselves. Companies already know they want to be listed on local maps and get out in front of their local audiences, and plenty already are aware that these programs are really the only ways to accomplish it. And since these programs are largely quite inexpensive, most companies are ecstatic about paying for them because they often see results almost right away.