Imagine for a moment that one of your clients operates a dental practice. That dental practice has a very specific geographic target audience, right? If your client operates that practice in a large metropolitan city, for marketing purposes you could have an interest in both the city in which that practice is located and other nearby cities where people may live. They may even drive into another city to visit that dentist if they truly like what he does. If the target area is much smaller, then the geographic targets can be smaller too. It all is simplified for you when you become a local SEO reseller.

As a local SEO reseller, your role is to give your clients tools that they can effectively utilize to target only the specific geographic areas that matter to them. That dentist has no concern about showing up on a search engine ranking for generic dentists, but he does care about appearing on a ranking of dentists in the city where he operates. To get him there, be a local SEO reseller. He will thank you time and time again for positioning him at the top or very close to the top of any ranking that has relevance to dentistry and the city in which he operates.

To get started, check out the myriad local SEO reseller plans that exist. You should find at least a few solid programs operated by white label local SEO companies, though understand that these companies do not ever need to be located where you are or where your clients are. As a local SEO reseller, you do not even need to be where your clients are. All you both have to know is that local SEO tools will be specifically targeted to your dental client, not to where you are or where the white label provider is.

Eventually, you will want to pick a local SEO reseller program that hits all the right targets and that has examples of past successes. This program ideally will be transparent as well, showing who is in charge of what and who is accountable for what. The program additionally should be quite affordable for you and should easily be integrated into your normal daily activities. Many white label companies are happy to offer their assistance to help make the transition easier, though most good programs make it so this is not necessary at all.