A rising rate of unemployment managing your own business can be an ideal opportunity to provide services in an area you’re enthusiastic about, without having to depend on the whims of established companies.

Be aware that according to the UN, the number of employed people could reach 220 million by 2020. You don’t want to join the ranks of those statistics. Running your own business could provide you with employment, and even help others earn a decent living. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It’s exactly what it is.

In this article, we will present ten simple ways to launch the business of your dreams, even if you don’t have any degree. Our goal is to provide superior services to our customers and generate wealth. So let’s get going.

1. HVAC Contractor

HVAC contractors provide specialized HVAC, ventilation and air conditioning service. They provide installations, repairs and maintenance. You can opt to focus on commercial or residential customers. .

Commercial AC contractors, you could require additional experience, knowledge and tools. Besides installation and implementation certain clients may hire you to develop HVAC and cooling strategies according the established regulations and codes.

What are the best steps to begin an HVAC business? In the beginning, you’ll need to start either a sole proprietorship or a limited to liability corporation. These are more suitable for bigger businesses particularly if you intend to join forces with others. A survey done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that HVAC businesses earn greater than $50,000. House Call Pro survey data indicates that HVAC businesses have a great opportunity to earn high-income.

It is not necessary to have a diploma to operate an HVAC firm. Education is not required, but certification. To operate a business, you’ll need to be licensed by the board for Heating, refrigeration, and HVAC contractors in the state you are operating in. The licensing authorities vary between states.

2. Towing Services

Towing is another excellent small-scale business idea you can start with no qualifications. Towing involves lifting or transporting products.