Although a county initiative was implemented to hire individuals aged 19 , rather than 21, it has still been unsuccessful in filling the vacancies.

Some challenges include finding qualified applicants, helping applicants overcome fears of being threatened with death, and interagency wage wars. In order to pay higher salaries, some agencies hire officers from another county in order to make the existing county less restricted in staff. Other agencies cannot afford to make more money than they are already. In some Utah counties , police officers might make more by working as fast-food operators than law enforcement.

They’re seeking the top applicants. Every day is unique and comes with many hurdles. The applicant must be the proper age, take a drug test, and pass the other skills and physical exams that are given. Once hired, candidates must participate in several training sessions at the local training facilities. They must pass these classes for applicants who want to work alongside the general public. sw9njeole3.