to dissipate moisture and heat. This video is specifically focused on the disc brake’s operation, which have many components. They must work properly for the entire system in order to perform effectively.

One of the most important elements of a disc assembly is the rotor, which revolves around the wheel as well as the related tire. Another crucial component of an assembly of discs is the caliper. It is comprised of several components like boots, pins and pins along with clips as well as the piston.

The entire system is activated whenever the driver hits the pedal for brakes. This sends brake fluid from the mastercylinder inside the engine compartment, to each brake. The brake fluid causes the piston to turn, which in turn activates the hydraulic calipers. They are able to slide across the pins. Squeezing the rotor through the outer and inner brake pads will bring the turning wheel to a complete stop.

The brake system is what makes driving safer and more feasible. Knowing the basics of the brake components and how they function can help you understand their operation and maintenance which is yet another requirement of driving.