Bijou Diamond Jewellery is the creator of the very first engagement wedding ring. It can be found in Rome an ancient Rome. A gold band was most commonly used during these days. The Romans put these rings onto the ring fingers of their left hands since they thought there was a direct vein that went from the heart down to the finger.

Maximillian was the first ever to present an engagement ring made of diamonds to his wife in 1477 was noted. A diamond ring is the most popular type of engagement currently.

The stage is where we see the first movie stars. Jewelry manufacturers were able benefit from the popularity of this by using them in their advertisements. The growing popularity of actors wearing jewellery, and particularly diamond rings has sparked an increase in the demand for jewellery.

Overall, the origin of engagement rings runs deep. If you’re in search of an engagement ring it is possible to recall that the Romans have been the ones who started it all.