Second center-based childcare facility.

The front administrative office has an open concept design without doors. There are no doors to allow mobility between the office in front and the corridor that runs alongside it, and the kitchen area. Food items are provided and taken to the daycare center instead of being prepared by the kitchen. Instead, the kitchen is used for storage, as well as a place to break for staff.

It is currently home to 36 kids in the daycare centre. The maximum capacity that is licensed is 44. There are four classes at the daycare establishment which include an infant class and a room for toddlers as well as a classroom for preschool children as well as a room for school age children. The daycare center cares for children from six weeks old to twelve years old. Classrooms are assigned the children in accordance with their age.

There’s a parking area in the childcare center of the center making it easy for people who live outside the center. There is also a large entrance where parents drop their children off. Overall, the daycare center has been well planned.