It is not often that it is possible to see an entire roof go flying through the air. Residents of Gaylord in Michigan could witness this after a strong tornado struck their community. In this video, we can see an assortment of videos that offer the viewer a different perspective of the destruction caused by the tornado.

There are people looking at the storm from a distance away in this film. It shows a combination of awe and terror. Next, you can see the tornado up close. You can clearly see the tornado when you are close to it. After this clip, another video shows the size of the wreckage. Walgreens seems to have sustained significant damage after being immediately struck. It is likely that they will need repairs to their roof. Signage has been also damaged. The large sign that was placed in the ground been moved 30 degrees by the forceful winds. Indeed, the winds were powerful enough to flip a car upside down. Another clip shows a RV dealership that was directly hit by the storm. The majority of RVs were totally destroyed.