This video will teach you how to seal your pavers and wash them.

Cleaning is one of the most important steps to seal travertine or paver. A power washer is ideal for this. This machine will speedily remove debris, stains, and grime. For more challenging stains, cleaning products may be required. If the travertine or pavers have been cleaned, a mildew inhibitor is a good option to remove the spores of mold or roots that may be growing over under, between, or between the substrate. After the solution has dried the next step is to add the sand. It’s a fine silica-based sand which fills in the spaces between pavers. The sand will slip in its place after adding water. Finally, it’s time put on the sealant. Sealing the pavers after cleaning will stop them from deteriorating with the course of. Sealant comes in many varieties of finishes, from satin to natural shine. srmfjbzyqe.