Those with filtration systems in their homes can try eating foods enhanced by fluoride.

Another advice the speaker suggests is for people to take sugar-free chewing gum between meals to neutralize the acids inside the mouth. Gum with sugar is likely be a catalyst for bacterial growth as well as tooth decay. The sugar-free gum that contains xylitol can be the most beneficial option for someone fighting tooth decay. The chewing action and the flavor of the gum will encourage saliva production. Xylitol is antibacterial.

It is not recommended to allow acidic food items to remain in the mouth. Everybody should swallow immediately the food items that are acidic after chewing. After that, rinse the mouth by drinking plenty of fluid. Another suggestion is to use straws to drink acidic beverages, and to avoid swirling these drinks around inside the mouth. These suggestions will assist in keeping acidic substances away from your teeth while maintaining the health of your mouth. The video also has additional tips. the video. ml56egv8mj.