Local seo reseller

Did you know that a staggering number, or 70-80%, of internet goers ignore sponsored and paid ads, favoring organic search results instead? Internet marketing and search marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Businesses need to keep up, or risk wasting a lot of time and money on fruitless advertising and search engine optimization efforts. What are trends that businesses need to follow, and how do you know it is time to hire a local SEO reseller?

Ask Yourself, How is Content Changing?

Did you know that 61% of consumers are more inclined to make purchases after reading content? Effective content can drive numbers and sales. In fact, Northwestern University professor Don Schultz even goes as far to say, “I really believe that content marketing is the future of all marketing.” The question, then, is what constitutes effective content creation today?

During the earliest stages of SEO, companies produced a lot of low quality content. Thin content, article spinning, and even articles, posts, and blogs packed with misspellings and grammatical errors, were all too common. Today, Google makes its expectations perfectly clear. Articles must be unique, relatively well-written, and offer value to readers, in order to rank. Companies can incorporate keywords, and practice newsjacking, but both tactics must read naturally, and typically involve thorough research.

The even greater challenge? Companies must continue to do more research and meet higher standards, and produce large volumes of content for top rankings. Realistically, small companies do not have the time and staff to accomplish it all. White label local SEO reseller programs offer to take that burden off companies’ shoulders, and do the dirty work for them.

What About Social Media?

Did you know that less than half, or 43%, of small companies dedicate more than five hours to social media per week, and that 33% of small business heads admit that they want to spend even less time on social media networks? A strong social media presence, however, can largely impact company lead generation and sales goals. Social media sites give companies the unique option of bringing their business directly to customers, instead of depending on customers searching for them.

In fact, one-fifth of all posts on social networks contains a link to content, making it clear that social media sites can be an important, content-pushing tool. Google cookies that may lead consumers to targeted ads based on past searches, however, only have a shelf life of one month. In other words, appearing among the top search results, and having a strong presence on social media, can make all of the difference for your company. Local SEO reseller plans, and white label local SEO, can help ensure that your company does both, and save corporate heads the trouble of micromanaging social media.

No matter what product or service you are selling, companies need to be online, and they need to undertake search engine and online marketing the right way. Consider a white label local SEO reseller to stay on top of the latest content trends, and to save you the trouble of managing social media.