The topsoil, also known as the soil layer, is the most crucial layer. If you’ve ever visited an area of riverbanks, you’ll have seen the darker soil layer which lies beneath various layers. It’s also quite heavy. The classification system for soils the top layer is referred to as the A Horizon.

This soil is basically the highest two to seven inches of soil. It contains the greatest amount of organic matter and microorganisms. It is composed of carbon and nitrogen and also the life forms that live in it. If the soil is fertile and has nutrients, it will also be rich in that can help plants grow in it.

The primary function of topsoil is to provide food for plants in it. The diverse community of microorganisms that grows within the topsoil also plays a part in fostering the growth of the plant, creating an ecosystem that is conducive to the growth of life in soil.

Topsoil is much more than just having soil to look at. 2kpumxny5q.