But These places aren’t the sole places that are susceptible to fires. Property owners do not have to rely on hand-held fire extinguishers to safeguard their houses from flame damage. This was once the best method for protecting most homes, the technology of fire suppression has advanced enough that they’re now practical for home owners. These systems were designed to turn on all sprinklers at all times in the event of an emergency. These days, minor fires activate a single sprinkler, which reduces the likelihood of causing extensive damage to water. The video shows how builders build a fire protection system in order to shield a homeowner. Sprinklers can be concealed behind discs that are flush mounted to coincide with the finish of the ceiling. The system can be easily put in together with light fixtures that have LEDs in the ceiling. The system is connected to the water supply in your home. It’s also specifically designed for this home in order to guarantee it has proper spacing for sprinklers. 827exongyo.