This coolifting cryotherapy may be put to use as a different facial remedy or be combined with other facial treatments for improved consequences.

Before each semester, the coolifting gun is loaded and prepared with the coolifting fluid. This coolifting fluid is changed in to a carboxy spray the moment the gun is ready. Then, the gun is pointed to a nonsensitive region of your human body and tests the reaction of the entire skin. If there aren’t any irritations on your skin, the therapist proceeds and also sprays the face of your client. It is advised that the therapist extends into the face of your client in the five to 10 mm space together with the powerful CO2 stream.

Coolifting remedy has various applications and will be implemented to many debatable skin problems. The minimal temperatures and high pressure will help with reducing and removing fine lines and wrinkles throughout intense flaking and collagen stimulation. Additionally, it may help in clearing defects and pigments by increasing skin texture and tone. Last but not the least , it even helps with cellulite by reducing carbohydrates. cnybjmg95n.