” A lot of times, investment topics such as real estate, particularly real estate, contain jargon as well as complicated terms. You may find yourself wondering “exactly what exactly is a money loan?” This article is going to answer that question.

Hard money loans are loans which are secured by tangible assets that the individual taking the loan owns. For most people, this will be something such as the house. Hard money loans have advantages of being able to get the money quickly. While a traditional mortgage from a local credit union, bank or any other financial institution can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks however, it is possible take out a loan in a matter of 7-8 days. Time is critical when buying property. These few precious weeks could be all that separates you from signing the contract or missing the chance of your lifetime. Though you could have to shell out more money for fast service, private money lenders might be worth the effort. c9mwko25da.