A local SEO reseller is similar to a traditional SEO reseller, but one main difference looms; whereas a traditional reseller of SEO services will work alongside clients with local and national and even global clients, a local SEO reseller will work almost exclusively with companies that are local in nature. This means that these companies are most likely service businesses, from dentists to plumbers to florists and the like. This is mainly what separates local SEO resellers from regular ones.

The work performed by the actual local SEO reseller is not that different from the work that a general reseller would do, since communication is the main responsibility and not actual SEO work. However, a local SEO reseller will know some things that a traditional reseller may not, including information on how to get these clients listed on local maps and in other areas with local listings in them. Traditional resellers can and should care about this, but it really is the heart and soul of what a locally focused reseller does.

Thus, any marketing, web design or similar business wanting to join a local SEO reseller program has some unique advantages after joining such a program. Local marketing agencies that work with mostly local client bases can expose their local clients to some awesome local SEO reseller plans that give them the tools and the resources to get their names out there in the local market. In working with a white label local SEO provider, these resellers too can showcase SEO programs and protocols as if they were their own, making themselves appear larger and in more control through additional services.

So these marketing and web design professionals usually start to join these local SEO reseller programs because they are fully aware of the exposure that they can gain for their customers and for themselves too. When they put themselves out there and show to others that they know how local SEO protocols work, they look better at their jobs. This helps even if these resellers have little to no idea for what actually goes on to get this SEO to work.

Of course, knowing a bit about how it is all put together is what is going to separate a great local SEO reseller from a good one. So the best ones out there at least do know about it and can explain it to their prospects. Other than that, though, their main concentration is on communication of goals and results.