There are likely to be lots of leftover tiles while you’re building a new backsplash or tile floor. In lieu of throwing them out, why not recycle them to create some amazing artwork or crafts? This tutorial will teach you ways to add new life to porcelain tiles typically tossed in the garbage can.

It is easiest to reuse tiles using the use of a tough coat, and use them for coasters. All kinds of tiles can be used as a coaster, but hexagonal and textured tiles are sure to add a chic and contemporary look to your coffee table. You can also use the leftover tiles as a liner in a tray of wooden to provide a striking accent for your kitchen or bathroom. Magnets can be affixed onto the back to make an interesting fridge decoration. It is also possible to utilize tiles to embellish your mirror for your bathroom. If you’re lucky enough to possess a large collection of tiles or a vase that’s been used for years, it can be turned into an original decor.