Epipheo’s video “How to shed weight: The Real Math Behind it” is a presentation by the Dr. Carson Chow, an MIT physicist/mathematician. Dr. Chow’s explanation of energy is that it is necessary for body’s functioning. The body burns fat if you don’t eat enough calories.

Energy is not in abundance so if you don’t take in enough calories that provide the body with fuel, the body will then burn off fat. One pound of fat roughly 3500 calories. This is quite a bit of energy.

It is possible to lose 1 lb per week if you consume 500 calories less each day. A rapid weight loss is hard to sustain and you usually gain it back. It is believed that it is easy to lose weight by burning calories is usually not true. It is possible to lose one pound per ten calories that you consume, yet your results may not be evident for three years. It is due to the fact that weight loss is slow and takes more time to achieve than we realize. It’s possible to keep your weight loss even with slower weight loss.