Paver driveways are measured in a number of ways, such as how they use the material, and these experts should know that asphalt is much better than concrete in terms of cost, especially for a home. This video “Asphalt concrete, asphalt or Paver Driveways- What is the most effective ?” explains what to consider when choosing the best . The video discusses which of these options would be optimal. We’ll find out!
The Most Effective Material

Stanley Genadek says asphalt is the most economical option for first, however, it’s more maintenance-intensive over other choices. It is possible to need to remove the surface every three years.

Even though concrete costs more than asphalt yet it’s the best value for money. Concrete can be affected by salt and degrade after a period of time. That’s the main concern with concrete.

The third alternative is pavers. They can be the most expensive yet aren’t easy to maintain. They can, however, grow plants between the cracks therefore you’ll need to keep up to date by using sprays to kill weeds.

Check out the rest of the video to find more specifics and be sure to investigate costs, maintenance and repairs before choosing an appropriate material.