services. Below is a video that demonstrates the five best Minecraft servers hosting alternatives and explains which are the most cost-effective. The benefits are listed for each.

Shockbyte has many benefits as an server, including 100% uptime, unlimitable SSD storage and bandwidth. Even, it has automated backups, making you feel secure and secure everything.

Apex Hosting uses Java as well as Bedrock server hosting which provides 24-hour customer support. They’ll take your phone even at 2 AM. The server also comes with DDoS protection and automatically scheduled backups.

BisectHosting is another service provider that has unlimitable SSD storage and 24×7 customer support, so you won’t have to be anxious waiting for their support center to get up and running. They even offer free DDOS protection.

PebbleHost firewall administrator has unlimited storage with DDoS protection

Scalacube is not the last. It is a server that provides DDoS protection with an automated backup system. backups.