This is the right solution for you. The basement savers analyze and correct your water damage in your basement. The longer you put off getting your basement water-proofed. It could cause further structural damage to your house and also damage to your private belongings.

Polyurethane is the main chemical used for waterproofing. It can be used to seal any surface that has been exposed. The ultimate fix would be to have the flooring in your basement changed for durability. A commonly asked question regarding this is “Are vinyl floors waterproof? Sure! The way it is described the flooring made of vinyl won’t permit the water to penetrate the flooring or cause damage. Based on how they’re installed and maintained, vinyl flooring could last anywhere from 5 to 25 years with proper maintenance.

For a completely dry and waterproof basement that stays that way throughout the year, you should consider hiring experts in waterproofing to make the repairs.