New court rulings are trying to stop the criminal justice system from holding those who are unable to pay bail. Jail bonding is a different business today. Bonding companies have been helping people out of prison for years. Since voters passed the constitutional amending law to ban the new Mexico bail bonding, companies have been struggling. New Mexico used to generate 350 bonds per month. There are now far fewer. A number of bail bond businesses are gone. The bail bond agents of New Mexico are at the end of their professional careers. A lot of people think that bail bond firms make money from those who commit crimes. A bail bondsman is firm or individual that offers money or property in exchange for the appearance of defendants. Many people are locked up in jail awaiting trial because they do not have the money to bail. It is often the poor who are locked up. Some people endure years of prison time before being released. This could cause major harm to both the person and their family members outside of prison. 1risuc29bb.