If you aren’t, think about making your own cedar fence panels to provide a individual solution to privacy in your backyard. In this tutorial we will show you the steps to DIY this project.

In the beginning, you’ll need to buy the lumber. It is essential to purchase high-quality cedar, whether from smaller businesses or the larger chain. For the best dimensions of the cedar pieces, determine the size of the space you’re intending to utilize. After you have returned,. the guy in this video advises trimming the edges to a certain extent, because they can become frayed by the place you purchased them from. A clean edge can improve in the overall look of the fence.

Then, you can add the ends caps and braces. Additionally, make sure that you have enough room between the parts of the wood. After the fence is complete after you’ve completed the fence, add some decorative lights and then put the fence up. 99mmjft4yh.