Air conditioners don’t simply keep your home cool It can also clean air and improve your home’s indoor air quality. Air conditioners are built to work via the process of heat transfer, meaning that part of the system just like every other working device, gets hot. That being said, your air conditioner also carries refrigerant fluid, which plays a major role in the transference process.

The concept of heat transference is one of the reasons why window units “sweat”. While your air conditioner is emitting cool air into your living space, heat from the internal mechanisms is being ejected from the house by means of a blower. A change in phase of gas from liquid make components “sweat” and lead to water discharge.

The process of making an air conditioner is relatively simple even when the elements may appear complicated to the untrained eye. Transferring heat is the main ingredient for a functioning AC unit. 9grvt22q9l.