E. to be aware of the steps are needed to take in order to treat a sprained ankle. The short version is: M=motion, I=ice and C=compression. E=elevation.

After the problem has been identified, the person must lie down until swelling stops, and then rotate the foot to 90 degrees by bending the ankle. If needed, one could use a rope towel , or uninverted crutch to move the foot. The movement should be gentle and comfortable. It must be slow and easy to do.

The ice in the plastic bag is best applied directly on the skin for approximately 20 minutes. If the one-hour interval between intervals of 20 minutes is not enough, the freezing ice is still able to be used during the entire time.

The compression helps hold the ice on its own for 20 minutes of application. After the ice is taken off compressing helps to reduce swelling. A compression wrap should start just under the toes then move to the heart about an inch over the area of injury. Toes should be squeezed during compression, to ensure that the color is returned to the toe in a matter of seconds or less.

Increase the area of injury by between 12 and 18 inches over the heart to reduce blood pressure significantly in the region. The elevation reduces swelling. The healing process is slowed because of swelling. k8i2f4eo7s.