The unit for condensing is located in the exterior of the house. It houses the condenser coils, the fan motor, and the compressor. On above the furnace, cooling coils can be found inside the dwelling. The cooling coils push air into the furnace and let it go outside until cold air is let out. When the temperature of the air has dropped enough, it prompts the thermostat, which turns off the fan. The fan is turned on until the air temperature rises, which triggers the fan to come back to its original position.

One of the key elements of your air conditioning and efficient operation is the airflow. It is recommended to check the filters at least every month, and replaced when needed. It’s not uncommon that the fan in circulation will be louder as it is working. It is possible to fix the issue on your own or to call an experts for expert advice on air conditioner repair. For any issue with your air conditioner unit, you should visit the repair service. e2zkkwid5k.