oor. Garage doors must be fairly straight and well-balanced to operate properly. massive dents are also detrimental to the curb appeal of your house.

There is no need to believe that your garage door has broken beyond repair. Fixing your garage door on your own with the guidance of this video on the right for just $10.

The most important part of this DIY local garage door repair is supporting the damaged door panels. The person who is doing the repair uses tiny strips of wood that are behind the dent to accomplish this. He drills them into the garage door and pushes the damaged areas to the desired location. He then paints the screws with the same color as the door to will blend with the metal in the door. The project is finished with some duct tape , which helps keep things as solid and smooth as possible as the garage door is lifted as well as lowered.

While the final results may not be always as durable like professional repair work, homeowners are able to save money by putting off costly repairs. 1fh5bu8zu5.