It is used to help people with problems. CBT is widely used to treat anxiety. The following video provides an explanation of CBT. This video will show snippets of an CBT session with one therapist and her client.
Discover how to breathe

CBT practitioners utilize methods of relaxation to reduce anxiety. The reason they prefer this approach is that it’s easy to master and can be practiced anywhere. If someone is feeling panicked or anxious, their breathing may become irregular. The symptoms can be two-fold or they may begin breathing too quickly or hold their breath. The result can be anxiety-like symptoms. Getting breathing under control is the most efficient method of reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

You can become confident with the signs you are experiencing

Then you will be able recognize the signs of anxiety and panic attacks to make it simpler for you to manage them. This is the initial stage towards dealing with your anxiety. The key to CBT is learning to control your thoughts, feelings as well as actions in a direct manner. After you’ve understood how your body reacts to stress or difficult situations in your life, you’ll be better in a position to apply the strategies you’ve learned.