Double vision should not be ignored. Consult an eye surgeon immediately if you have double vision. Double vision can be the first sign of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinal disease or other eye issues. Insight Vision Center Optometry explains the steps to overcome double-vision.

If you suffer from double vision, the eyes aren’t aligned and each one has a focus on a smaller area. Because your brain can confuse images and results in blurred double vision. Double vision is possible in one or both eyes.

Double vision therapy trains the brain to use eye muscles so that both eyes are aligned. The treatment involves exercises that begin with a simple exercise and then become more difficult. Vision therapy could help those who are of any age with double vision.

Double vision can be improved with prescription glasses. The type of lens used is also known as prism lenses. While there are two varieties of prism lenses, soft and hard, they’re not suitable to everyone who has double vision. The answer is dependent on what you are experiencing as the cause of your double vision. 9e8hzywacu.