In this short video, we’ll teach you more about what the job of a PR company. Public relations are defined as the administration of information dispersed between companies or individuals and the general public. It is often compared with advertising, even though there are several differences. Public relations have evolved over the years as media evolves. It isn’t always easy to define what public relations is. Public relations are often described as publicists. They are responsible for creating publicity to promote an individual or business. Publicists are a form of pr professionals. However, some public relations companies focus on publicity. A person who works in public relations could have experience in English and creative writing business, or communications. Public relations professionals do many activities in the course of their work which include writing blogs, press releases or market research as well as conducting media surveys. The tracking of media hits is a crucial aspect of the public relations job. For more info on public relations, check out this video. 3sbjigohaw.