The x-ray is not without its limitations. It’s a 2-dimensional image. Physical therapists may also utilize CT scans while performing medical imaging. They can produce images that are 3-dimensional. It can expose a person to greater amounts of radiation. Ultrasound relies on sound image. But, it doesn’t put anyone at risk of radiation. A MRI is another popular type of imaging. The larger areas, like the spine are going to be needing an MRI to view images because of its vast surface of the. A knee, the shoulders as well as skulls also require an MRI to see images. The MRI also has a major advantage in that it is not exposing patients to any radiation. Additionally, it provides accurate assessment of the soft tissue. While an X-ray can’t see it, soft tissue radiation. It takes longer than regular X-rays. These are the most popular types of medical imaging. For more information, please take a look at this video. 6th4kbz8m7.