For a better insulation of the panel you can also add insulation to the back. For those who are looking to hire a siding contractor, think about this information.

There are a few valid advantages of insulated siding, that does not mean it’s without its own set of disadvantages. The most common cons of insulated siding include:
It is much more costly than conventional vinyl siding. The cost of insulated siding is significantly higher than the traditional vinyl siding. A majority of homeowners notice the increase between 50% and 100% for choosing insulated siding over traditional siding. While the procedure for installing Insulated siding is exactly the same as that of traditional vinyl, the labor costs can be higher. These panels are wider and will require more effort to cut. Plus, the panels must be installed in a perfect way.
Expanding and Contraction: The siding and insulation contract and expand with melting and freezing levels. Having the insulation glued to the outside of the siding causes a variety of issues, including cracking, breaking and leak issues. 32giaxiarw.