. It’s difficult to anticipate the exact time an accident could occur. However, sometimes these unforeseen accidents can be major. However, the vast majority of cars are made to keep passenger and driver safe. It is easy to look up the safety rating to get an idea of how secure any vehicle is. But, is it really truly representative of the actual safety a car offers? This video will explain how crash tests could not be as reliable as we had thought.

These tests, which are now being tested for crash safety, are rooted in the old. The tests are simple to comprehend, and provide one, easy to read number that ranges from one to five. This makes it easier to understand the scenario. To test various types of accidents, crash dummies are placed under controlled conditions. They observe how every crash impacts the chest, legs as well as the head of the crash dummies. But they don’t look for the affect of different vehicles on pedestrians or drivers. An SUV can cause more damage than a vehicle that’s smaller cause an accident. However, the driver of an SUV feels more at ease.