Though they could appear like unrelated names on contracts for the casual observer, every agent is a real person with their own lives. This clip shows us Mr. Sakha going through his day.

Sakha is the owner of his own insurance agency and starts his day by taking a walk or shower. Each morning, he gathers colleagues in “huddles” for a discussion about their work. The meetings can be held from his private office through internet-based communications. Other times the group meets in the flesh. The majority of the time, he records gatherings to ensure that he holds his group and him accountable.

Sakha goes to his office following his morning phone call. This is to motivate employees and ensure they stay in touch with their emails. In the absence of his team He is also in charge of other office tasks, like the marketing process and other projects. He is also responsible for checking his reports and key business aspects.

As soon as his day is finished the man goes to bed in preparation for the new morning ahead. 6xrdtnapjt.